IOT Thermal Detection & Protection Reinvented

Who we are.

C3 offers unique solutions to facilitate the prevention of the COVID-19 disease spread by means of advanced fever screening. Powered by Cloudsyntrix and Northern Pointe, the system effectively responds to high body temperature and sends immediate alerts to help you act early.

Why C3

Construction, Hospitality, and the large commercial development sectors are in the midst of an inevitable transition to digital transformation. Exacerbated by the proliferation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Property Managers, General Contractors, and Hoteliers are scrambling to secure their staff, develop on time, and provide the comfortability and security of their clients and guests.

This is why Leading Edge Developers – Northern Pointe LLC, have partnered with IOT Infrastructure Tech Services company – Cloudsyntrix, – (CSTX, Inc.) to jointly provide solutions to combat CV19 and provide a new standard of safety and efficiency through technology – “The C3 Kit”

C3 Will have the following capabilities to help combat CV19:

  • Onsite Thermal Heat Detection IP Surveillance
  • Onsite Automated Temp Scan
  • Contact Tracing
  • Social Spacing Sensors
  • Wifi IOT Integrations
  • Abide by CDC standards & regulations for essential onsite IT staff