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Screen body temperatures

Add a thermal temperature scanning kiosk into your entry process to record and screen body temperatures, log each entry & send notifications for any irregularities.


Screen for facial masks

Empower your security teams to screen visitors for facial mask adherence right at the point of entry.


Contactless visitor experience

Our contactless solution enables your visitors to check-in via their personal device, or scan a QR-code, creating a 100% touchless visitor experience.


Issue health passes

Manage your employee’s vaccinations with our highly-secure, HIPPA platform.


Automate your wellness questionnaires

The first line of defense is our COVID-19 screening questionnaire, mapping details such as the latest travel history, COVID-19 symptomatic status, and capturing relevant data.


Contact tracing with proximity warnings

Ensure an accurate and detailed record of all staff in the building. Track and trace if an outbreak occurs, all in real-time.


Let everyone know what you’re doing to keep them safe

Create creative big screen information displays to educate your visitors about mandatory rules and recommended COVID-19 safety protocols.


Emergency broadcasts & alerts

Trigger and broadcast SMS alert to all employees and visitors present at your premises, in case of an emergency.


Capture a photo record for each visitor

Ensure a visitor photo is associated with each check-in for security verification.


Manage your capacity

Set your limits and always know how many people are inside your office or venue with capacity management.

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