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The C3 return to workplace solution is built to support organizations at all stages of their return-readiness. Manage employee wellness, safety, and workplace preparedness data to return to work safely.

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We Do Three Things:

Help Businesses

Create a safer work environment by screening employees and customers smarter.

Help Communities

Communicate the safety measures and risk consumers are putting themselves into before entering a public space.

Track and Predict

The spread of infectious illness in real-time.

A suite of tools to help with your COVID-19 response plan

Daily Symptom Screening

Daily symptom self-reporting for employees, customers, and other visitors via SMS

Automated Temperature Checks

Fast, easy, contactless temperature screening for staff and guest using facial recognition.

Track and audit guests and vendors

Invite and log every guest that visits your business.

Well-being Pass

After your team members complete the daily survey, they receive a recommendation to come to work with an entry pass or to stay home.

Bright Water Senior Living

“We looked at several alternatives and chose C3. The simplicity of the system allows us to automate the screening process for employees and guests, and that’s really important to us as we want people to feel confident when coming into our community.”

Darlene RomeroDirector of operations

Don't just take our word for it

“I really like the ease of use of the app for our employees, and HR can quickly see across our organization to monitor wellness reports.”

Jason MazyCEO | Sweat Box

“I absoluetly love how you responded to our local businesses needs so quickly.”

Bill MirandaCEO | Business Consultant

“We use to hold handheld thermometer guns and write everything down until you guys came along. Ultimate time saver and customers love the public profile.”

Doug SmithChina Live | Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How does C3 work?

Employers invite their employees by adding them into the system, an SMS is sent to each employee to enroll through the employer dashboard. Employees will sign up through the C3 web app on their smartphones, and complete the onboarding process, which includes a content form and coronavirus assessment. Employers will be able to track their employee’s results in a customized employer dashboard.

Employees are notified daily to update their status through the web assessment tool. Depending on their answers, employee work status will be made visible to the employer in the C3 dashboard.

When daily monitoring begins, employers will be able to track each employee’s daily compliance with filling out the symptom tracker and see their latest work status so they may quickly administer management protocols, such as paid sick leave.

How do employees onboard through the C3 web app?

Employees receive an SMS notification on their smartphone to consent to be apart of the program and are prompted to complete a Coronavirus symptom and risk assessment.

After the assessment, employees will begin to log their work status into the app using a daily symptom tracker. In addition, employees will be able to watch a continuously evolving series of short, tactical videos on operating safely during the pandemic.

Can employers see an employee's private information?

Employers are only able to see any data  (such as how often an employee is checking in, if they are ready to return to work, and so on) about employees.

What employee information is being tracked?

Employers will be able to track an employee’s enrollment date, the completion status of their initial assessment, the completion status of the education modules, their daily check-in status, and their work readiness.

Here is a list of the data an employer can see:

Enrollment date
Initial assessment complete (Y/N)
Daily check-ins completed (Y/N & Aggregate Count)
Active that day (Y/N)
Body Temperature Results

Is employee data protected?

Yes, we are a privacy-first solution with a very strict privacy policy that is documented here: All of the data pertaining to your instance of the application belongs to you. We don’t access that data unless we need to debug a software issue or address a request from public authorities.

Can employees control what data is shared?

Employees will have control over which information they share.

Where do they store this information?

All data used by C3 is stored only within C3 managed systems. Your medical data belongs to you. No private and/or identifying data you provide will ever be sold.

How long does C3 keep personal/health data for?

The data retention schedule is 90-days, however, can be adjusted to your own company policies.

“I can finally feel safe
at work again”

Allison Johnson
– Employee –

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